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At The Luxi Vegan Retreat we believe this is a personal journey for each and everyone of us, both spiritually and in learning new healthy lifestyle choices, all this can begin here, this is a fun packed and interactive retreat with like minded people. 


The vegan transitional period can be a daunting one, sometimes leaving people in despair, our mission at Luxi Vegan is to show you that it need not be that way and by a few simple techniques, you will find the transitional changes much easier to make and feel more confident to experiment at home with family and friends and continue on with a  delicious plant based diet.



The Luxi vegan retreat is based in the Algarve southern Portugal with its beautiful beaches and sunny climate , the luxury accommodation is surrounded  by tropical gardens and a swimming pool for your enjoyment .


We invite you to join us for a journey of yoga, massage, organic plant based culinary courses , to help you discover plant based cuisine at its best.

A few hours will also be spent learning about the fermentation of vegetables. How to make your own Kefir. We have a herbalist who will be joining us to talk about how to use plants as medicine.


There will also be a vegan wine tasting for those who wish to take part.

This four day retreat is fully inclusive of all food drinks and activities onsite.

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